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         About - Barrys Scientific Based Products designs Hardware, Software, Network Topology, Cryptographic Models, and System Interfaces. The SS-87/89 along with the Crypt model can be located on the sample product Design Page.

        I have completed a new design named Barrys SS-150 Motherboard Design 5th generation . I was able  to process in bits  roughly two times the speed of light.   This design is very advanced and has basically surpassed the standard equation (eight pie radius 2nd power) I was able to create two events on one time line and in subscibes to  Irwin Schroedingers ideas. The design comes with a advanced  48 node point dual fan system, crypt model , Color Spectrum with major components deployment of Fiber Optics on most major components . A lot of material to digest so take it slow. The SS-125 Motherboard Design 4th generation is staying out on the front page. as well I have generated a data collection policy link is below under "privacy policy".

      Barrys SS-125 Motherboard Design 4th Generation | Barrys SS-150 Motherboard Design 5th generation

        This site will provide marketing material such as banner ads, digital flyers banner ads. and latest published works.  I have  also had to republish my work to another site Please click link below: I am also publishing a  new science work that will allow me to extend a product life cycle for Motherboards that are less than 32768 bits. The product concept allows for encrypted MAC Addresses and a a unique authentication key. The link is  System 32768 Interface Design

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       The email address has been updated as of 07/01/2019 due to Privacy and Security concerns. also the custom search engine has been updated as well.

          I have provided links below to different websites  including a customized search engine and have provided a short video Presentation of some of my work also I have added a paypal button to attempt to get a Organization Validation Certificate. The paypal button is listed as for profit not a charity organization  so this makes it easier to obtain credentials.   

      I have added a Corporate Welfare Royalty Fee page. If you are a Corporation within the U.S. taking Federal Government  money  and charging default loan rates Please pay your 3.00 fee first before downloading any science based works . All work is copyrighted and trademarked owner retains all rights.

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