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         About - Barrys Scientific Based Products designs Hardware, Software, Network Topology, Cryptographic Models, and System Interfaces.

        I have deleted my provisional Patent information on this site because I was unable to work out my issues with the USPTO instead I will now publish my latest motherboard Design which provides new features and concepts based on the SS-87 Motherboard as a foundation.

        This site will provide marketing material such as banner ads, digital flyers banner ads. and latest published works.  I have  also had to republish my work to another site Please click link below:

         Barrys Scientific Based Products


      I have completed my 80th Copyright approved in Canada. The work is entitled "Barrys 44 Node Point Network Topology Design l"  copyright is published on 


    On another note, I have just been approved for a service mark in Washington State with the document Apostille and will be affixed to this site as such.

          I have provided links below to different websites  including a customized search engine and have provided a short video Presentation of some of my work.

Barrys Scientific Based Products youtube site  Barrys Scientific Based Products  Published work

Barry Equality Field Equation  | Barrys Intelligent Design Website   |  Custom Search Engine

Barrys Cosmological Dynamic Binary Position  

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