My Corporate Welfare Policy

     I would like to begin by stating a problem and than I will give my own solution. The problem is in February 2019 I found out that many financial corporations received welfare directly from the Government mostly above one billion dollars. This was tagged as a bailout. The problem with this is in my case I have a credit score above 700 and paying default loan interest rates which is above 25%. I pay most of my bills in person and kept my receipts proof of payment also some bills I pay by certified mail. I reviewed some of my records and found the interest rate spiked up 6% without it being known sneaked it in. In September 2019, I learned that the Federal Reserve gave a handout to the financial institutions safe to say above ¼ trillion dollars. The government in essence gave welfare out to corporations and at the same time taxes, interest rates, rent, utility bills went up. Last summer, My wife and I attempted to buy a manufactured home in a park but for many reasons they could not do this and also advertised downpayment assistance which we inquired about. The bottom line is the Manufactured home in a park would have costed us roughly 200.00 less than our current rent. I have made complaints to various Federal Agencies and asked them to appear in arbitration so that a acting judge can get some answers out of them but they will not accept or refuse to answer it. According to research I found out that the FHA does this type of loan named title 1 real property loan up to 69k. When you ask the Government about it they respond with talk to your lender and the lender responds we do not do this type of loan.

     I also completed Research and found out that we qualified for the following:

     1). A family member has a disability legal and recognized

     2). Served in the Military qualified for a VA.

     3). 1st time home buyers program

      I also would like to note that my wife is from Russia and she has paid taxes to the United States for 20 plus years it is known Russia does not have a tax treaty with the U.S. I already discussed this with the U.S. Department of Treasury civil right issues because she has never owned property in the U.S. and appears to be blacklisted like myself because I am a Private Citizen. My wife has both Russian and U.S. citizenship.

       I believe that if the government wishes to cut back on welfare should they not cut back on Corporate Welfare as well that seems fair. I do not wish to provide welfare to corporations because of their not willing to comply with the law in general and just do whatever they please also I believe the WTO world trade organization should review this as providing subsidies and promotes unfair competition between U.S. and Global banks.

       I will now begin with my solution. In the future companies who take welfare checks from the Government will be charged a  Royalty Fee for advertising on my websites or Social Media accounts. I would like to propose that corporations that receive welfare should first consult their Case manager or sponsor before coming out to my websites or Social media sites. This policy does not include individuals, small or medium businesses so basically free advertisement to promote fairness and equal competition without unfair trade practices that are being encouraged by others. Since I am a Private Citizen, I will have to recognize the Corporate welfare companies as a foreign entity under the Logan act.