Barrys Scientific Based Products

           I have included on this site most of the Motherboards that have been Published and copyrighted as a way to  get a  rough idea of what to expect on my latest Design. I have now published all  SS 65 and 75 Series Motherboards and now beginning to work on Network Topology Designs.

1).   Barrys SS-75 Ver 1.4 Motherboard Design

2).  Barrys SS-75 Ver 1.3 Motherboard Design

3).  Barrys SS-65 Ver 1.4 Motherboard Design

4).  Barrys SS-87/89 Crypt Model

5).  Barrys SS-65-1-B Motherboard Design

6). Barrys SS-87 ver 1.1 Motherboard Design 3rd generation

7). Barrys SS-89-A Motherboard Design

8). Barrys SS-95 Motherboard Design

9). Barrys SS75 with 65536 bit Architecture/Special Project #1

10). Barrys SS 75 with Dynamic Registries/Special Projects#2

11).  Barrys Decagon Network Topology Design   10 sided Polygon

12). Barrys DoDecagon and Network Topology  Design 12 sided Polygon

13). Barrys Tetra-decagon Network Topology Design 14 sided Polygon

14.) Barrys hexadecagon Network Topology Design   16 sided Polygon

15). Barrys Octadecagon Network Topology Design  18 sided Polygon

16). Barrys Icosagon Network Topology Design     20 sided Polygon

17). Barrys IcosiKaidigon Network Topology Design   22 Sided Polygon

18). Barrys IcosiKaitetragon Network Topology Design   24 Sided Polygon

19).  Barrys IcosiKaihexagon Network Topology Design 26 sided polygon

20).  Barrys SS-110 Motherboard Design 4th Generation

21). Barrys SS-125 Motherboard Design 4th Generation

22). System 32768 Interface Design

23). Barrys SS-150 Motherboard Design 5th generation