Barrys Scientific Based Products

           I have included on this site a few of the Motherboards that have been Published and copyrighted as a way to  get a  rough idea of what to expect on my latest Design. I have now published all  SS 65 and 75 Series Motherboards.

1).   Barrys SS-75 Ver 1.4 Motherboard Design

2).  Barrys SS-75 Ver 1.3 Motherboard Design

3).  Barrys SS-65 Ver 1.4 Motherboard Design

4).  Barrys SS-87/89 Crypt Model

5).  Barrys SS-65-1-B Motherboard Design

6). Barrys SS-87 ver 1.1 Motherboard Design 3rd generation

7). Barrys SS-89-A Motherboard Design

8). Barrys SS-95 Motherboard Design

9). Barrys SS75 with 65536 bit Architecture/Special Project #1

10). Barrys SS 75 with Dynamic Registries/Special Projects#2